A big anal dildo is exclusively for the experienced anal sex enthusiasts, use good judgment and lots of lube.


                                                                               Big Anal Dildo
If you're shopping for a big anal dildo, browse our site and you'll find a huge selection of all sizes, types and styles. Deep anal dildos, huge fat ones, there are those that are firm, some are softer and flexible, and some made from glass or metal. Be sure to use an adequate amount of anal lubricant with all sex toys. You can use a desensitizing lubricant to help relax the sphincter muscle. Be sure to keep your sex toys clean either by using warm water and a good hand soap or a coommerical cleaner.


Big Anal DildoRound Butt Plug Large
The overall length is 5 inches, (4.5 insertable) and a whopping 2.75 inches thick. It's made from a flexible rubber that gets really slick with a dab of water base lubrication. Use good judgment and don't injure yourself.
Ream & DreamReam & Dream
This huge anal dildo measures overall 9.5 inches long (8.5 insertable) and up to a mammoth 4.25 inches thick. Be sure to use an ample amount of lube for this big guy. He's equipped with a suction cup base for a hands free adventure.  
3 Bangs For Your Butt3 Bangs For Your Butt   (Large)
The overall length of this big anal dildo is 11.5 inches (10.5 insertable) and up to 4 inches thick. It's made from a flexible rubber. One nodule at a time, each one gets a bit wider, take it slow and easy with lots of water base lubricant for best results.
3 Bangs For Your Butt - Medium3 Bangs For Your Butt  

This one is slightly smaller than his big brother, overall 11.25 inches long (10.5 insertable) and up to 3 inches across. He's flexible and has a suction cup base that sticks to most flat surfaces for hands free operations.
2 Shots In The Dark2 Shots In The Dark
This fat guy measures 10.25 inches long (8.75 insertable) and up to 4" wide. He's equipped with a suction cup base and made from a flexible rubber. Add an ample amount of lube for this big anal dildo.
Tantus A BombTantus A Bomb
He's made from a smooth hygienic silicone rubber that gets very slick with a dab of lubricant. It measures 4.75" tall and up to 2.25 inches thick.
The smooth surface makes for an easy insertion.
American Bombshell ShellshockAmerican Bombshell Shellshock
This big guy is made from a softer flexible rubber that works great with a water base lubricant. It measures 5.9 inches long (4.9 insertable) and 2.9 inches thick.
Standing 6 inches tall with an insertable length of 5.25 inches and a girth of 3 inches. It's made from a very hygienic silicone rubber that's easy to keep sterile.
Titanmen IntimidatorTitanmen Intimidation
This deep anal dildo stands 11 inches tall with 10.10 inches insertable and up to 3.5 inches thick. The shaft has a ribbed surface for extra stimulation. It's made from silicone.
Ream & Scream Butt PlugReam & Scream Butt Plug
Heed the name of this huge anal dildo, it is scary. He measures overall 8.5 inches long (8 insertable) and from 2 to 4.75 inches wide. He's soft to the touch with a smooth surface.
Raging Stallion Helmet HeadRaging Stallion Helmet Head
Don't drop this big anal dildo, he's made from glass. There's no way you can apply enough pressure with your ass to break it, so it's safe. It's 7 inches tall (6.25 insertable) and 2.75 inches thick.
Metal Worx Luv PlugMetal Worx Luv Plug
Use either end on this versatile metal anal dildo. The overall measurement is 4.25 inches long and up to 2.25 inches wide. This silver colored anal toy is smooth to the touch and gets slippery with a few drops of lube.
Fruitylicious Fruitylicious
This big anal dildo is made from a flexible rubber with a smooth surface, use a water base lube for best results. He measures 10.25 inches (9.25 insertable) and from 2.25 to 4.75 inches thick.
Fat Man In A BarrelFat Man In A Barrel
You're gonna want to use a lot of lubrication with this big boy, he measures 7.5 inches long (5.75 insertable) and 3.75 inches wide. It has a smooth surface that's soft to the touch.


Deep Anal Dildo

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